Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Best Thanksgiving Ever...quite possibly. :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are so blessed, I know the next few days won't be easy for Mia, but my heart keeps doing these little summersaults of joy. It's so exciting to be on the final road of recovery. Thank you God for such a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mia is doing great, she had a small fever last night, but after some Tylenol she's much better. She is getting morphine for pain control and so that makes her a bit itchy, so then she gets Benadryl for the itchiness. I think she is tolerating her pain fairly well, so keep praying for that! Right now she and Daddy are watching Elmo and she is happy as can be.

They just came in and did a blood draw on her and I was so thankful that they had no problems getting blood out of her, her veins have miraculously become better with this surgery! Praise God! You can keep praying that she won't lose her IV, it's on her right hand and she rubs that hand on her nose when she is itchy, I try to keep holding her hand, but I don't always catch it. :)

Yesterday the surgeon told me that he used a muscle stimulator to test how her anal muscles were doing and she was able to contract her muscles very well, which is a great sign that she will be able to physically control her bowels, now time will only tell if she cognitively is able to make that connection herself, but such great news! Thank you God for working muscles!

You can continue to pray for healing, they will be listening to her tummy for the next couple of days and listening for the right sounds that tell us when her body says it is ok to put food in. They also look at what comes out of your diaper and when she starts to produce stuff, then they will know her intestines are starting to work again. Pray for her to pass gas because that will help to keep things moving through the tummy. Of course, every time we give her morphine that slows down the whole process, so pray for a good balance, that her intestines would start working in spite of the pain medicine.

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as we are!


Anonymous said...

We are having an good day,just hearing that our little Mia is doing well.Praise the Lord.

Love Auntie DAr & Uncle Arnie


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Praise God for such good news. We love you all so much! Hugs & kisses from Aunt Goose & Uncle Jared.