Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday, Sweet Mia!

Dearest Mia,

We can't believe that you are 9 today!  This is your last year of being a single digit!  That just can't seem possible, but it is.  This year you sprouted up another 3 inches!  We couldn't be happier that you keep thriving.  Calvin and Asher are going to have to eat more vegetables to keep up with you!

Since May of this year, you have been seizure free.  We are so grateful for each day that God grants you without a seizure.  We continue to pray that God will keep you seizure free and hope we never have another one again. 

This year we started a new school and you've adapted and embraced this new school.  You've always loved learning and you continue to enjoy school.  You have such a nice, caring class and we are excited to see your new friendships blossom and grow. 

You keep doing various activities.  You love riding horses at MARE and you especially love going to AWANA.  It's neat to see you take a verse and apply it to your life. 

We can't wait to see what year 9 holds for you.  We trust God completely for His plans for your life.  We are just so grateful that He chose us to parent you.  We love you sweet pea!!!

Love Always,
Mommy & Daddy & Calvin & Asher
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