Friday, November 27, 2009

Mia continues to do really well, she has been sitting more upright and watching us play with her toys, and that's been very good for her. Her surgeon stopped by this morning and thought she looked really good for only 2 days after surgery. His concern is for her intestines to start working in the next day or so, otherwise we are going to start some different IV fluids with more calories/nutrition in them. The downside to this is that they have to make sure she is getting the proper dose and that means daily blood draws, and there is a potential risk to the liver with this, however if she needs nutrition then this is what will happen. Pray for those intestines to start working.

She hasn't been in too much pain, she hasn't had any pain medicine since last night, which is amazing. Continue to pray for her pain management and overall healing. Her IV is also barely holding on, so keep praying for that too. And as always, thank you for praying!

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GinaE said...

Mia is such an example of the great God we have! Praiyng at this time for Mia and her parents and grandparents.

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