Thursday, February 18, 2010

LA and More

You know what's nice about LA...the weather! It was gorgeous while we were there. You know what's not so nice, the traffic. It seemed like we were in traffic quite a bit, thankfully we made it to all of our destinations and home just fine.

On Tuesday we left for a 1:30 EEG appointment, I timed it for then because that is Mia's nap time and I knew that they would want her to sleep for part of the EEG. I forgot how "little" sleep they actually get. After they hooked the elctrodes to her head, she fell asleep immediately (she was a tired kid) and then after about 10 minutes of her sleeping they started a strobe light, which seemed to last forever...amazingly, she slept right through that also! And then about 5 minutes later they came in and said, now we need to wake her up because we want to see how she comes out of sleep also. I tried, but she was so tired, I was rubbing on her face, the lady was tickling her foot, we were talking to her and she was out, but after a few minutes of that she did start to come around and then it was over, lights on, take the electrodes off, no more sleeping for your kid. So, probably a 15 minute nap with some weird disturbances was all she got. I knew we weren't going to get anything else because she was done, so we just decided to do our best the rest of the day. It's not an every day occurance, so that made it ok, I knew we could tough out not getting a nap. The results of the EEG should be in in about a week, so hopefully we'll know more then.

After that we decided to head over to USC to see my former boss and walk around the campus a bit. Like I said, traffic and parking were a nightmare. But, once we finally arrived to our destination so many people remembered me, I was shocked! It's been 12 years! They told me I looked the same, ha! So, it was fun reminiscing, and then we walked over to campus and took some pictures with Tommy Trojan, we knew it would make Daddy happy. And then Grandma proceeded to buy Mia a USC t-shirt, of which again, we knew Daddy's thoughts, but I told him that at least it wasn't a shirt for him! And that did make him happy.

We had some dinner and left and went to our hotel in Santa Monica and all went to sleep at 8, we were tired! The next morning we headed to UCLA again for a noon appointment to have Mia see the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor about her snoring and continually runny right nostril (the one she had surgery on at 5 months to unblock). They took an x-ray of her adenoids, those looked just fine, her tonsils look great, so the thought is that there has been some scarring since the surgery and the nostril isn't as open as it should be. She wanted to do a CT Scan, but I told her we didn't want one done if it wasn't necessary because Mia's already had several of those and she's only 2. So, her thought is to do the actual procedure instead of the CT scan, she'd have to be put out for both regardless. It would be a 1 day hospital stay, pretty minor overall, so pray for wisdom for us because we are hesitant to do more stuff and there wasn't a clear indicator that it was necessary at this point.

After that we headed home, Mia slept the whole way, which was great.

This morning we went to see our eye doctor in town and she is still very concerned about Mia's left eye turning outward, so it looks like we need to really focus on training those muscles, I have some things I can do with her at home, but they tend to get put on the back burner with everything else going on, so that's going to change, we are going to work very hard on that over the next couple of months. Pray for Mia's left eye to strengthen and to start working with her right eye consistently.

Whew...that was a long summary. :)

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