Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So Mia weighed in at 21 pounds 3 ounces again. It is this wall we just cannot seem to break through. I am happy that we didn't lose weight, but I'd love to move forward, so pray for wisdom and good eating.

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Anonymous said...

HI Lisa

Sorry you have been in a holding pattern. I know how frustrating that is. I recently started adding MCT oil to Becca's food instead of butter. MCT oil is easier to absorb fat so her body does not have to work so hard to digest it and break it down. It is the same number of calories to eat, but takes less calories to use it. I got it at the health food store it is one of the things the dietican recommended trying the last time we were in the hospital. Becca gained two pounds the 10 days we made this change. They also sell an MCT powder it is prescription only our insurance did not cover it so I tried the oil instead. It has worked well.