Wednesday, April 07, 2010


We finally got to see Peanut via ultrasound today! And Peanut is definitely a baby and definitely only 1 baby. It still amazes me how much they can see and tell from an ultrasound. Since Mia had so many issues, the specialist took a very thorough look at Peanut. Peanuts heart looks just fine, there is definitely not an AV Canal and all the pieces appear to be just where they should be! Praise God! There is a slight concern with Peanut's kidneys, they are slightly enlarged, but he thinks they should resolve on their own. Because of this he wants me to do another ultrasound in May, just to monitor what's happening. But he did say the kidneys were functioning fine because the amniotic fluid looks just as it should. So far the bowels and intestines look fine also, but he wants to relook at them in May also because when the baby is a little bigger it will be more clear to him. Overall, it was a great report, Peanut is growing and looks healthy. To me, Peanut's ultrasound pictures looked so much like Mia's...long legs and arms. :)

Is Peanut a boy or a girl? He wrote the answer in card that we plan on opening next week, so you'll wait with anticipation as we do. In the mean time, will you pray that Peanut's kidneys resolve on their own and that there are no bowel issues.

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Mommy Diffee said...

Where does all of this self control come from?! I can't wait to hear all about it! I am SOOOOO excited for your family! Eeeek so fun! Praying for you all =)

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