Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today we went to LA to see another ear, nose, throat doctor for a second opinion on her nose. It was a great trip and well worth a second opinion, we really liked this new doctor. He had quite a bit of wisdom regarding Mia's nose. Her right nostril is definitely blocked again, he says it is very common and happens quite often after nose surgery. He says that you have to be very aggressive in making sure it doesn't become blocked with follow-ups that include dilations of her nose. It doesn't seem like a fun process. His thought is that he prefers patients to be older, around 4, before doing anything because their nose is bigger and it allows them to do a better job with larger instruments. He said she breaths fine through her current nostril and there isn't really a need to have anything done immediately. So, now we just need to pray about the right timing of doing this. We definitely believe that he is the doctor we want to do the surgery, so you can pray that we would have wisdom for when to get this done. I know many of you were praying that this doctor would be wise and discern what's best and I feel like God has totally answered that prayer today, so thank you for praying!!

On a side note, we weighed in today and lost some weight, Mia hasn't been feeling the best this weekend and wasn't eating well, so I wasn't super surprised. And I know that numbers fluctuate, I was just hoping that we'd stay the same instead of losing weight. So, pray for her appetite, that it would increase this week.

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Lita said...

Praise the Lord for providing a wise and discerning doctor for Mia. Also, we shall continue to pray for her appetite. And, we can't wait to know if Mia will be having a little brother or little sister!!!
We love you guys,
Lita and Galen

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