Monday, May 31, 2010

Mia has been making so much great progress recently, I love it! It's neat to see her start emerging as a walker. She'll now attempt to walk places on her own, sometimes it's only 5 steps, but other times she'll go 15. Praise God!

She's also taken quite a bit more initiative eating on her own. Up until now I've had to make sure she gets fed, but now she'll feed herself and she really likes eating fish. Go figure.

Lastly, she's made some great progress with her speech. Tonight she said her name blending the sounds together, rather than saying, It was so nice to hear her say her name blended. So praise God for such great progress!

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Anonymous said...

We are so happy for our little Mia..God Bless her
Thank Lord
Auntie Dar

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