Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So many Praises for Brother and Mia

Today we went in for another follow-up ultrasound with Brother. Everything looked great! There was no more dilation of the kidneys and everything else looked great also. Thank you God for great news and thank you for praying! At the end the specialist did some 3D shots of Brother, he definitely has Mia's chubby cheeks. It was very sweet to see him in 3D.

Mia had an eye doctor visit today and she's doing really well also. She appears to be using her left eye more, which is another praise. She's getting a new pair of glasses because we are going to remove some of the astigmatism correction hoping that her brain will train itself to correct it on its own. And we decided to get her a pair of sunglasses also because her eyes are so sensitive to light. We'll post some pictures when her new glasses come in.

Yesterday at therapy Mia was walking so well by herself. She can now take about 11 steps, if she is concentrating and motivated. So, our goal is to work even more on the walking, but she's doing great. Another Praise!

We are so grateful at all of the good news we have received recently. Thank you Lord!


Kara Haushalter said...

Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

This is truly a good report. God as always is worthy of all praise for all things at all times!

T, R & J said...

Wow, so cool to see "brother" this way! Thankful for all the good news....

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