Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yesterday Mia weighed in the same. She's seems to be doing well on her gluten free diet. I have noticed some bowel changes as we have started to cut out dairy also. We haven't completely cut it out, but are getting closer.

Mia has started to say more sounds also, which is great. She can even sound out a few words. We are working on getting her to blend the sounds together to make a word, but I'm so encouraged that she is trying to speak more.

She continues to make great strides in walking, I am hopeful that she will take off this summer sometime. Her balance is getting better and she can now stand up from the ground without holding onto anything, it's just barely there because she still struggles with that, but I feel like it one step closer to walking.

She also has gotten more time outs lately because she will get frustrated and hit. I think it is a lack of communication, she just can't explain what she wants exactly and gets frustrated. We continue to learn more signs and work on speech all at the same time.

We are doing fine from the accident, I don't have any pain anymore and Brother appears to be doing just fine also. We are very grateful it wasn't anything more serious.

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