Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yearly IEP Meeting

Today we had our annual review of Mia's IEP, well, technically it is a IFSP, they don't get an IEP until they are 3, but anyway, we reviewed the plan. They have an assessment to check off how Mia is doing in different areas and then we make goals based on her current needs. Currently she is 32 months old, so that's where they base everything off of. Her gross motor skills are the furthest behind because she has only begun walking right now, she was at the 15 month level in those. Her speech was at an 18 month level, but only because they don't adjust for all the sign language she uses. Her fine motor skills were at a 25 month level, she still struggles with tasks that require two hands, like stringing beads. The great news is that her cognitive ability was right at her age, 32 months. She is one smart cookie. :) I asked them where spelling words was on their chart and they told me that it isn't on there because it is so beyond a 3 year old that they don't include it. Her regional center representative told me that in her 16 years of servicing kids through the regional center, she's never encountered one who could spell at Mia's age. That's not to say that kids can't do it at her age, but it is especially uncommon with kids who are delayed.

So, what now? We wait until she is almost 3, probably sometime near the end of September, they will do a final assessment of her with a psychologist, speech pathologist, and her teacher. And then they'll decide what she qualifies for and where she should be placed. There is a strong chance that she won't qualify for services with the regional center because she is doing so well, but we'll see when the time comes. It's ok with us if she doesn't require services because that just reinforces how great she's doing. She will still qualify for services with our school district though because her speech is so delayed and she is still behind in several areas.

It's nice to see her progressing so well and continuing to improve. We know it's a God thing, she has quite a story to share. Praise God!

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