Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yesterday we went to LA to see Mia's GI surgeon. It was a quick visit, the good news is that we only have to see him once or twice a year, which is great...I love that are visits are becoming much longer in between! And she doesn't need to be stretched anymore, which is great also. She still doesn't have completely normal bowel movements, but that has been improving since we started the gluten free diet. You can continue to pray for her bowel movements, that she would ultimately be able to control them.

Mia also weighed in around 22 pounds again. It's so frustrating for me because I think we are on the right track and moving forward and then we tend to stay at the same place. I do know that she has been much more active since she started walking, so I imagine that contributes to it. Just pray for patience and wisdom as we address her growth. :)

Tomorrow we are off to LA again, this time to see her neurologist, so pray for a safe trip and I'm curious what his thoughts are regarding her anti-seizure medicine, etc, we'll find out tomorrow.


Our Family said...

What great news! I am so glad Mia is doing so well. I would agree with you that her weight is the same b/c of walking, all 3 of mine lost a little weight when they started walking and then it went to running quickly after that. Keep walking and eating Mia!


Kara Haushalter said...

Keep it up, I know this is long road and it is easy to get frustrated when things stay the same, but I know her little body is healing (yah for gluten free!) and that can take time. Our Noah is finally showing improvement now that he is gluten free! Praying for you and Miss Mia!

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