Wednesday, August 04, 2010

We've been really busy these past few days, Brad's sister was in town with her husband and we were trying to spend as much time with them as possible before they left today. It was a very nice surprise! We went over to Brad's parent's house on Sunday evening and all of a sudden they come walking out from the back bedroom, they thought they scared me so much that I was going to go into labor. I was genuinely surprised. But no labor yet. :)

Yesterday we went to LA to see Mia's orthopaedic surgeon. We wanted him to look at her feet and see if she needed braces. He was still indifferent to the idea, he thought that her feet would still correct on their own as she gets stronger and didn't really think the braces would help, but in the end signed a prescription for them for us to use with her at therapy. We've decided to get a second opinion (we've learned that second opinions never hurt and can be extremely beneficial), so now we are just trying to figure out when to do that and who to go see. We know that for feet development, the crucial time is before they are about 5ish, so we just want to make sure we are doing the right things for her in the long run.

Today I had a visit to the doctor to check on Brother. He's the same as last week, head down, but no where near ready to go. I did sign a consent to try a VBAC and am feeling much more at peace about that. It really depends on brother and my own body on whether or not that will happen, but I'm willing to try. You can be praying for a complication free delivery at the right time. I'm officially 37 weeks, so brother could come any time now and I'm achy and ready, but that doesn't mean he is ready, so I'm attempting to be patient. :) Plus, brother has heard many times already that he's not allowed to come until August 16th so all grandparents will be around when he arrives. ;) We'll see if he listens.

Tonight when I tucked Mia in she was desperately asking for the letter J, of which we don't have a large foam one, we only have fridge magnet ones. So, I thought I could make her forget about that by reading our ABC book to her. She has a great memory and as soon as we got to J, she asked again, signing "please J", so I hurried along in the book hoping to distract her some more and I noticed her eyes welling up, as she was becoming more and more distraught. We got to the P and she asked, "please P" with big crocodile tears ready to just tugs at your heart strings, so I went and got her the magnetic P and J, of which at that point she only wanted the P. That's our alphabet lover! She was very happy and went to sleep quickly after that. :)


Jill said...

Kerlan-Jobe in LA is awesome for orthopedic stuff. Never been there for pediatric, but I'm sure they have someone who sees kids. Highly recommend them.

Megan Harmeyer said...

Miss Mia is so cute!! Come on, Brother! I know he's not ready to go yet, but I'm sure you are! Hurry up - but wait *just* a little while longer. LOL Good luck on your VBAC. I've heard so many good outcomes with VBAC.

Christine Deeths said...


Shriners in LA is a pediatric orthopedic only hospital...they provide care to all children with orthopedic issues regardless of abiltity to pay (so insurance is not an issue) They are really excellent and have an international reputation.

For fee though, you might consider just taking her to a local podiatrist...there are several who are really good with kids.

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