Friday, October 01, 2010


Mia has been getting tested for her exit out of the infant development program. There has been quite a bit of discussion about where she'll be placed because she's doing so well in her testing. The psychologist looked at her yesterday and determined her cognitive ability as "average", which is great, considering what her initial prognosis was after her stroke. I asked her how good of an indicator the test was for how she'd be later on...she said the test is only 30% reliable. Ok, what kind of test is that! That's horrible. There's a good chance that Mia could be higher than average or even lower if she guessed well. :) I'm pretty sure she's average though because we've now tested her by a variety of means and most of those always come up average.

The speech pathologist also evaluated her and scored her as high average, if I recall correctly. Needless to say, all of this is making it really difficult to determine where to place her. They see that she lacks skills in several areas, mostly her self-help skills, like feeding and dressing, and also her gross motor skills...walking, running, jumping, climbing stairs, etc. And then also in her actual speech, she struggles with producing all sounds. So, they are not sure that she fits into the 3 year old program in our district. They think that she's too smart actually, she knows too much cognitively. They think she'd do much better in a regular pre-school program with other kids without extreme delays. So, we'll see what happens Tuesday when we discuss her IEP. At a minimum, I think she would qualify for actual speech help through the district, but we'll see what they say.

What I love most is that she is such a sponge these days, she wants to learn, learn, learn. Praise God!!!! They test are on things and tell us she has gaps in certain areas and we start working on those areas and within days, she's getting it. It's so neat to see. So, I'm looking into my own pre-school program for her at home and it might just end up that is where she's at and we do our own thing. We'll see. :)

We are all getting over colds here...the saddest is Calvin who has a stuffy nose and hates it being suctioned by the nose bulb. I fear the worst always...whooping pray that it wouldn't become anything serious and that he'd heal quickly. Calvin has also started to be interested in the things around him, he loves his hands and he's become a fist sucker...and occasionally I can get him to sort of smile at me. Tomorrow he'll be 6 weeks!

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