Friday, October 15, 2010

Check Ups

Today we saw the pediatrician for Mia's 3 year old check up and Calvin's 2 month check up. Mia weighed in at 25 pounds with all her clothes on and she was 35 inches. Calvin is now 10 pounds 14 ounces and he stretched out 2 more inches to 24 inches...the boy is long. Both of them are doing great. Calvin got his first immunization today, the DTaP vaccine. Please pray for no adverse reactions for him.

Tuesday we went to LA for our final follow up with the NICU clinic...they only follow kids until they are 3. They did one final assessment on Mia and she's doing so well. She pretty much came in average on most things, she was slightly below average on her expressive communication and of course extremely low on gross motor skills, but what was most amazing is that she tested so high on receptive communication, that she was borderline gifted! Praise God! That is such a miracle since they told us she'd have absolutely no higher cognitive function. We realize it's just a test, but it's so neat to continue to see God's hand in her little life. We are always so grateful for his grace toward her.

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