Monday, December 27, 2010

Just Another Day In LA

It has been so nice not having to go to LA for the past couple of months, can you believe we haven't been there since October?! We needed to see Mia's ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) doctor and so we also scheduled an appointment for her to see the Opthamologist in LA today. I try to consolidate appointments as much as possible, but it doesn't always work out that way. Mia has become a great traveler, but now Calvin doesn't like the trip. It actually brings me back to the first year with Mia when she didn't like the trip either. Thankfully they both slept most of the way home.

Mia's ENT visit was just a routine check up and we talked about when she would have her next surgery to reopen her right nostril again. He said he'd like to wait until she's 4 or 5 and so he says we can think about doing it that summer before her 5th birthday. I'm happy with that because now is not the time for us to be in the hospital.

After that we went over to CHLA to see the Opthamologist. This is the first time that they've actually tested Mia's vision. They gave her a sheet of paper with different shapes and asked her to point to the one that was on the screen. We'd been practicing with the shapes at home, so she was super familiar with them and thought it was a great game. So, she sees 20/80 right now. And they said that since it is her first vision test, they can't be certain of the accuracy. They don't know if she puttered out at the end (she was less enthusiastic as the test went on...) or if she just couldn't see the different objects. Anyway, they said that they'd know more after she has it done a couple more times. We didn't change her prescription or anything, it was just a baseline for the next time around. We talked about Mia's lazy left eye and asked about surgery. She said that she'd rather wait until Mia is 4 or 5 because if they overcorrect, Mia can then correct that herself and the surgery is much more successful. She said it's harder for Mia to correct an overcorrection at this age because eyes haven't matured enough yet. That's fine with us, we plan on getting a 3rd opinion here and seeing what that doctor says.

You can be praying for wisdom on our part and the right direction from the right doctor regarding this.

We have a few trip to LA scheduled for January, hopefully Calvin will enjoy the ride better in a few more weeks!!

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