Saturday, January 08, 2011

Back In The Swing Of Things

So, we've been back to a regular week and have adjusted to being home without Daddy...sadly, of course, because we love having Daddy around, but someone's gotta work, right?

Mia started with her new teacher this week and I'm pleased to say that everything is going great. Her new teacher also signs, which was a huge relief for me. She'd been doing her student teaching at that school prior, so she already knew the kids to some degree. That was nice that she wasn't starting off completely new and the kids had seen her face before. Overall, it's been an easy transition. Mia loves going to school and happily leaves me each day.

Next week we start riding horses again, I'm super excited for Mia to keep doing that. Ironically, I had a dream last night about both she and I riding horses and she was on her own horse by herself for awhile, she was galloping along and doing great...maybe she'll want to pursue this as a hobby later on???

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