Monday, February 07, 2011

More on Breathing Treatments

So, we've been doing the breathing treatments for about a week and half and they've been working. By recommendation from a nursing friend, I've been doing the treatments before dinner and it seems to be helping to keep her from being too hyper before bed. Her coughing has gotten so much better. She doesn't cough at all during the night and even during nap time. The plan is to continue until Friday (that will be 2 weeks) and then try to ween her off the treatments to see if she does ok without them.

Today Mia got her new glasses. These glasses have a prism in the left lens to shift her center of vision. This should help her with her balance. She's to wear these glasses for a few hours a day and then her regular glasses at other times. The hope is that she'll then retrain her brain to focus in the right spot. We'll see how she does with these glasses over the next few weeks.

We decided to go with a different frame this time around, these are her big girl glasses. So far she's been doing just fine with them.

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