Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy 8 Months Calvin!

Calvin is 8 months today! Wow, time flies. He's doing great, in fact, he entered the "flowerpot" stage today, where you can sit them down with toys in front and they just stay there and play. It's adorable. Calvin is now 17 1/2 pounds, and 28 1/2 inches. He has just started to really enjoy food, he now gets 3 regular meals just like the rest of us. He also has added a few more sounds, like ma and da, but the occasional buz"zard" like noise still shows up. Of which, Mia promptly says, "No Alvin Sreaming". And I have to tell her that we can't keep him from talking. Calvin also got two more teeth a few weeks ago, his top munchers, and I think a few more in the bottom are trying to come in too.

Here are some photos of the cutie and his sister. Today is the first day Mia actually said "yes" when I asked her if she wanted to hold her brother. That's a big step for her!


Megan Harmeyer said...

They are both too cute for words! I'm glad Mia is starting to warm up to her brother.

Anonymous said...

So cute,God Bless your little family.Auntie Dar

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