Monday, May 02, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

When did it become May? I can't believe it's here already. Lots of different news to report from our home. This morning I weighed Mia and she's up to 25 1/2 pounds! Praise God! The only thing I can think that is doing this is the pediasure she's now drinking, so we are going to stick to that and hopefully she'll keep gaining weight.

We had a trip to LA today that ended up being a very long day. The doctor was behind several hours so there was quite a bit of waiting before our appointment. Anyway, we saw Mia's craniofacial doctor and the good news is that he doesn't think Mia will need a cosmetic surgery for her head shape. We were leaning that direction anyway, so it was really nice to have him reaffirm what we felt about her head. It's good enough. And since he doesn't think she'll need that, we are officially done seeing him for Mia. Yay, 1 less doctor on our list...maybe...

So, he immediately checked out Calvin's head when we got there and there is a slight concern there. His sagital suture may be fused slightly early causing his head to be more elongated than it should be. His gut feeling is that there isn't a problem, but he wants us to have his neurosurgeon look at it and give us his opinion. There is a slight ridge running the length of his head, but it is so subtle and he believes that it would be more pronounced at this point if it were a problem, but just to be safe he wants us to see the neurosurgeon. So, you can pray that there wouldn't be an issue, we are scheduled to see him next week Thursday when we have to be in LA anyway for another appointment for Mia.

Tomorrow we go back to LA again for another appointment with Mia's GI surgeon. I will be so glad when we don't have to go so much. But, both of my little ones have become very good travelers and the trip is usually very smooth. :)

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