Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy 10 Months Calvin!

This month included many new firsts for Calvin. The major milestone is that he can now pull to stand. He also learned how to put his pacifier back in his mouth, which can sometimes be very helpful when I hear him stirring to wake up and then sucking on his pacifier and going back to sleep. Of course, when the pacifier falls out of the crib, we are not so lucky then. Calvin also got several new teeth this month. He now has four top and four bottom teeth and I'm thinking he's working on a molar in the back as of right now.

Calvin weighed in at 19 1/2 pounds this month, he's also 29 1/2 inches. We're so pleased with how well he is growing. He loves to eat and still enjoys a midnight feeding, I know he can definitely go the entire night without feeding, but he's my baby and it only takes about 15 minutes from start to finish, so I haven't cut him off yet. I'm usually still half asleep by the time I am back in bed.

The other major milestone for Calvin is that he is now down to just two naps and that has been awesome. It's so nice to finally have him on a schedule.

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