Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It seems like time keeps getting away from me with two little kids. I find myself having to be extremely purposeful with my time, otherwise I look over the day and wonder, where did the time go?

I know where it went today, the doctor's office. :) Calvin had his one year check up and he's doing fabulous. He has a slight cold (along with his Mama and Daddy) and so we waited on the shots this round. Mia also had a physical today because in a week and a half (Monday the 12th), we are planning on having her sedated for an MRI of her back and spine and her GI surgeon is also going to check whether there is still a tiny fistula (connection) between her intestines and vagina. Mia is doing great also.

She's adjusting very well to school and I'm just so thankful that she is in an AM preschool class. Her teacher is fabulous and just has such a heart for teaching. Even though Mia is the brightest in her class (her teacher's comment, not mine), she said that she would individualize Mia's instruction so that she would be challenged too. So grateful! It's so encouraging to know that there are great teachers, love it! Thank you God!

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Eliza said...

Love that Mia is loving school so much. It makse all the difference when your child has a great teacher who loves them!

Sorry you all are a little sick.

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