Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy First Birthday Calvin!

Dearest Sonshine,

We can't believe it's been a year! And what a year it has been! You came into this world weighing 7 pounds 14 ounces, measuring 20 3/4 inches are now 21 pounds and you measure 31 inches long, sissy better watch out because you are catching up!

You arrived at 2:55pm via c-section, but you didn't want to come out. You really liked being in Mama's tummy. Our doctor told us that every time she tried to get you out, you scooted further back in Mama's tummy. But out you finally came and what a sweet moment to hear that first cry and then to see you for the first time. It was then that we knew you were a Calvin.

Calvin David Sturm, you got your first name thanks to Cousin Bob (he suggested it at the family reunion) and your middle name is after your Grampapa. Oh do you like your Grampapa, he and you share a very special relationship. In fact, when Nana and Grampapa babysit, he's the one who gets to help you fall asleep at night.

You've accomplished so much this year! You've gone from just laying there, to rolling, to crawling, to standing...and now to walking. All in a year, you could say you've been busy! And you've gone from crying, to screeching (very zard like), to babbling the sweetest dadadadada and uh oh. You now say "uh oh" when you drop your sippy cup on the floor.

It's been such a joy to watch you develop and grow. We noticed early on that you had your own interests that were so much different than your sissy's interests. You've always liked balls and wheels and just seeing how things work. Yesterday we put you in the bathtub (empty) to keep you out of trouble for a moment and you were happy to play with the drain stop, making it go up and are a very curious boy.

We just feel so blessed. Thank you Lord for entrusting us with this sweet boy!

We love you Calvin!!
Mama and Daddy, Sissy and CincyCat

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