Friday, August 12, 2011

I'll Take The Heat Over Traffic

We had to go to LA yesterday and I hate driving in the traffic. I will take the heat from Bakersfield over the traffic from LA any day! It was a long day, but we got great news. Mia had an echo done of her heart and it looks the same as it always has, which is great. Her cardiologist told us we only have to see him once a year, unless something concerns us sooner. He was very happy with everything. We then saw Mia's neurologist and he is also very pleased with how well she is doing. We asked him about an MRI of her brain and he doesn't think we need to do one. Even though she'd be under anesthesia for other procedures, he doesn't think it is necessary to prolong the anesthesia to do an MRI of the brain, especially since it would take several hours to do that. So, we will wait on that. She's been seizure free for two years now, Praise God! We talked about weaning her off of her seizure meds, but he thinks that we should just let her wean naturally by her growing and the dosage being less for her body weight. I completely agreed with that and so that's where we are at. Praise God for great news!

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