Friday, October 28, 2011

Where did October go?

It seems like we just got to October and now it's almost over. We've had a super busy week, it seems like every time I write it's about how busy we are.

Calvin was better, but now he's sick again...this time with a cold of some sort, not totally surprised since it is that time of the year. Praying he will recover quickly and not pass it on to all of us. It hasn't stopped him from being a non-stop climber. Is it above the ground, can I reach it, I must climb it...I think this is his thought process. What can I say, he's all boy.

Mia's toe is almost healed, we've started wearing her orthotics for a bit each day, just to help her get used to them. And aside from school and therapy, she's the same, which is always great news for us.

We were and still are hoping to do some festive things this weekend for the holiday, but will have to see how Calvin is doing. We will try to get some pictures posted of the cuties.

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