Monday, January 02, 2012

Hello 2012!

I am so excited for 2012 since I have been sick since Thanksgiving of 2011...that's a long time to not be feeling well. I finally started feeling better today, Praise God!

We spent Christmas in San Diego with my family and had a great time (in spite of the sicknesses). We got to take in a few sights, but mostly, we just enjoyed relaxing around the house we were staying with family. It was a little bit strange not to open any gifts on Christmas Day, but I loved it. It was nice to focus on what was important and what Christmas is really all about...if you ever have the chance, I encourage you to try it.

So, what did we do? We saw the science museum in Balboa Park, that was a lot of fun for the kids because it was hands on and on the second floor there was a special play area for kids 5 and under, Calvin loved it. They had pipes that sucked up balls and shot them everywhere...he was in ball heaven. Mia saw her first IMAX movie with Daddy, they watched a movie about animals in Africa that are rescued and set free, and she did pretty good with the theater experience.

A few days later we went to the Birch Aquarium, and Mia really loved that. They had some hands on water tables for the, I mean kids...yeah, Daddy really liked that too. We saw quite a few fish and were there just in time for the feeding of the fish, so that was neat also.

And of course, our favorite...although that was the day that Daddy, myself, and Calvin were all sick, yet it was still our favorite...the San Diego Zoo. That place is amazing! We could have stayed there a week and not seen all of it. Needless to say, Mia and Calvin really enjoyed all the animals.

After all of that, we are back home and settling in to a routine again, I'm thankful that there is one more week before we really get back to the school routine. I'll try to post some pictures here in the next day or so.

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