Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Update

We decided to do Mia's nose surgery in San Francisco at UCSF. We think it should be done at a major hospital with pediatric anesthesiologists. We were thinking of possibly redoing it at UCLA, however the doctor who did it before said she wouldn't do it without another CT of her head...that would be 4 CT's of Mia's head and she's only 4 years old, the doctor in San Francisco is ok with doing it without the CT scan. It is just so much radiation for her and we'd do it if it was medically necessary, but it doesn't appear to be necessary. So, the plan is for us to consult with the doctor the Monday before Easter and to then do the surgery the following Tuesday. We'll update you with more info as we get closer.

Mia's really been enjoying her water therapy. The therapist told us yesterday how she uses her left side and right side equally in the water, which is wonderful, so we are excited to see how this benefits her.

Please be praying for Mia, we found out that she might have the start of scoliosis. We are meeting with her orthopaedic surgeon in a few weeks to discuss the xray that shows some mild scoliosis. We are praying that it would resolve on its own...that she wouldn't need a brace, just so many things we'd rather not have her go through and we'd appreciate any prayers for her regarding this.

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