Friday, April 20, 2012


I took Mia to LA yesterday for an appointment with her opthomologist. He's happy with how her eyes look and her vision has slightly improved since last time, which is great news. His only concern is that she tilts her head up a little bit to focus her eyes and he thought he could address and correct that with a very minimal surgery. It wouldn't completely correct her eye turn, but it would help her to be inline when looking straight out. He said it isn't something we need to do immediately, but it is available if we decide to do that. One more thing to think about and pray about regarding her vision. Our thought is to give her a good 6 months to a year in vision therapy and see if that makes any difference in her eye turn. Since Grandma stayed home with Calvin, Mia and I got to enjoy lunch and some girl time on our trip. That was nice and fun. And of course Calvin got lots of Grandma time and she took him "outside"...his favorite place in the world, so he was a very happy camper.

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