Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Mia did really well with surgery on her nose today. Just as a recap, Mia was born with a blocked nostril, we had surgery to fix it when she was 4 months old. Since then scar tissue built up and blocked the nostril again, so this is the second time we've done surgery to correct it. We are praying it's the last time also!

Last time her nose was smaller so they made a 5mm opening (diameter). This time they were able to make it about 8mm, hoping that it doesn't scar down, but if it does that there would still be a large enough opening to breathe through. Since the doctor made the opening larger, she did have to remove the soft scar tissue plus some new boney matter. As far as recovery goes, we will put saline drops in her nose (pray that she cooperates) and give her Tylenol for pain. It's kind of crazy how kids tolerate pain so differently than adults, but she's doing really well with it.

During surgery the doctor also looked at her ears because fluid can build up with a blocked nostril. She had enough junk on both sides that she put a tiny perforation in her ear drum and drained the fluid on both sides. Not tubes. It should heal in a week and we have some drops for her ears to prevent infection.

She got the "baby cocktail" before surgery which made her super tired and woozy. I was able to carry her back and hold her hand and stroke her head while they put her to sleep with gas. It worked really well and there was no trauma or crying at all, except for Calvin. He was slightly frustrated that sissy was getting all the attention from mama.

While we were waiting for Mia there was a gal playing a beautiful harp in a waiting area, she took to Calvin immediately and played all the kid songs she could think of. He thought it was great.

Immediately after surgery Mia was rather uncomfortable, but they gave her some pain meds through her IV and she quickly felt better. She was doing so great that we are all now back at the hotel and we will relax the rest of the day before we go home tomorrow.

Praise God for a successful surgery. Praying for a quick recovery. Thank you for praying!

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