Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Oh yes, it is definitely summer.  Tomorrow is Mia's last day of school for awhile.  I find it funny that it is an extremely shortened day, she'll be going from 8:15-9:45.  Just enough time to get your daily money from the state and feed the kids lunch who need it.  Yup, lunch.  Probably at 9:15 or so.  Well, for my not so good eater, another meal in the day won't hurt her, if anything she'll just get a few more calories. 

We are just grateful that she has had such a great year.  She really loves school and her teachers.  We will miss everyone, but know that this is really the best decision for our little family right now.  We've got some fun summer activities planned and I will work on posting more pictures this summer!

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