Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Week

We've had a really busy week. This past Tuesday was Mia's last day at MARE until the fall. We take a break in the summer when it is really hot. She didn't really understand it was her last day, so maybe that's even better.

Mia got weighed this week and she is almost 30 pounds! Praise God, that is so huge for us. Our gain is slow, but it keeps going up in the right direction, so we are thankful. Calvin also weighed in at almost 25 pounds...he's catching up to his sister, but his weight gain has slowed dramatically, so I imagine it might take him a good year to catch up to her.

On Tuesday I got to see our baby's heartbeat. Because we are doing some early prenatal testing since Mia was born with so many complications, they needed to be accurate about the baby's age, so I got a tiny ultrasound done. The baby is measuring exactly where the baby should be, 7 weeks and a few days...but it was just so amazing to see the heart beating and to realize that there really is a life inside of you. The tech called it a gummy bear, so we might adopt that name for awhile.

We covet your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Overall I'm feeling fine, just a bit nauseous and extremely tired, but to be expected in the first trimester. We trust that God is knitting this baby together exactly as He pleases and we are so grateful for this little baby.

This coming week we have VBS at church. This will be Mia's first time at VBS. I'm super excited for her and hope that she has a great time.

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