Monday, July 23, 2012

Gummy Bear

That's what we like to call baby #3 at the moment, Gummy Bear.  We had an ultrasound with the specialist today since we are doing all the early testing, like we did with Calvin.  Gummy Bear is doing great, praise the Lord!  He or she was doing a bit of kicking and so it was neat to see that.  Gummy Bear measured at a little over 2 inches long and it just amazes me that so much intricate detail has already developed and we are only 12 weeks along.  I still am really tired and get nauseous quite a bit, but nothing really different than the other two pregnancies, so I kind of already expect it.  :)

Calvin has become quite the climber these days.  If I leave things too close to the counter's edge it has a way of disappearing.  The other morning I had made their breakfast and we went to wash hands, he got his washed first and when Mia and I were coming out to the kitchen, he was walking with his breakfast plate in hand to the table.  I'm really surprised he hadn't spilled it. 

Mia on the other hand has become quite the whiner these days and I'm hoping it's just a stage that every 4 year old goes through, but I'm ready for it to be done.  The joys of parenting, right.  :)

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