Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Schedule

I've been rearranging Mia's therapies this past week for the new school year.  It brings me back to my college days when you would register for classes and hope you got the ones that worked best for you.  You'd try to minimize time between classes while starting late enough that you didn't have to rush in the morning and if you were really lucky you'd get a free day.  Well, I feel like we hit the jackpot this year with our schedule.  There are no huge breaks between therapies where I won't know what to do with us for a short period of time and we get Fridays off!  So on Mondays she will have Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and Physical Therapy.  That will be our heaviest day with 3 therapies, but 2 are back to back at the same location, so that is really nice.  On Tuesdays we will do Vision therapy and MARE.  Wednesdays will be Speech therapy followed by another Speech therapy (She will be getting 2 sessions through our private insurance and 2 sessions at the school she was at last year paid for by the district.)  And then Thursdays we will only have Speech therapy.'s still a lot, but it's all in the morning and it's all at reasonable times, I'm grateful.  Praise God for such a great schedule!  At the moment we are holding off on private preschool, which is ok because we'll be gone for a great part of September and we've got a full load on our schedule.  I'm hoping that on some of our free Fridays (maybe that's what I should start calling them...) we will be able to have some play dates with other kids.  Mia seems to do better in a smaller setting anyway and so I'm hoping that will work out.  Now if this weather would just cool down...

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