Saturday, October 06, 2012


So last night was hard for Mia because she kept getting woken up by doctors and nurses who wanted to look at her and assess her. I had forgotten how hospitals are not conducive to sleep. It was a multitude of different things and hopefully tonight will be much better because we've adjusted beeping alarm sounds and figured out medicine at this point. I ended up sleeping in bed with her because she just wanted her mama...thankfully she is tiny because there was barely enough room for this pregnant mama. Tylenol seems to be managing her pain at the moment. They don't want to give her anything stronger because it was a neurological surgery and they keep asking her to move her legs and feet. They want to make sure everything is still working properly. Which is so far, we were happy to see the leg movements also. She started eating this morning and has a great appetite, she is still on IV fluids until they are happy with how much she is drinking. As for lying flat, she is doing a great job, as long as there is someone to entertain her. Along with Curious George DVD's we brought and our iPhone kid apps, the hospital has an interactive tv/movie/Internet screen that is touch friendly and can get maneuvered right up to her face, we've found some kid things to keep her occupied on there. The plan is to try getting her up at some point tomorrow, so hopefully that goes well. Thank you for continuing to pray!

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Raquell said...

Praise God!! Mia and the Strum family continue to be in my prayers

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