Sunday, November 25, 2012

Where have we been?

Some of you who check our blog frequently are probably wondering why there haven't been any posts for almost two weeks.  It wasn't really my plan, but I decided to take a vacation from the blog while we went on vacation as a family.  We went up to Vancouver, Washington to visit Brad's sister Laura (aka Aunt Goose) and brother-in-law Jared for Thanksgiving.  We ended up driving, Nana and Papa came with, so that made driving up there a bit more enjoyable for the kids.  We had a blast, it was so different than Bako-land.  It probably rained almost the entire time we were there, not atypical for that area, but they did try to convince us it was a storm front of rain and not the usual typical drizzle.  Calvin loved the rain, he would giggle when the drops came down on him.  The simple things in life, right?!  We ended up staying with Jared's parents and that was so much fun for the kids because they have doves that they release at different events and the kids got to pet them and feed them while we were there.  They also have a tractor that they got to ride, and their house had an upstairs and a basement, which was just so much fun for them.  Each morning Calvin would wake up and say, "let's go to the basement."  They loved the stairs. 

Aunt Goose and Uncle Jared love animals, so they have a few different pets, one being a bunny named Bunnita...I have no clue if I'm spelling that right.  The kids got to pet the bunny and play with their cat Pickle also.  Mia likes to pretend that she's other animals/characters and since we've got home she's been Bunnita and Pickle many times.  Our trip was so quick, it seemed like, but really nice and relaxing...what a vacation should be.  The drive home seemed long, we were thankful when we arrived back. 

Here are a few pics from our trip.

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