Thursday, December 06, 2012


I can't believe it is December.  I thought for sure I'd blogged just recently, but nope, it's been more than a week!  Yikes.  We've been having lots of fun though.

Last Saturday we went to our neighbor's house and decorated a gingerbread house.  Calvin has learned how to push the stool around to where he wants to go on the counter and then climb up and "look" at things.  He's having such a hard time with the gingerbread house, I told him it was just for looking at, not eating and the next morning he woke up and the first thing out of his mouth was, "we don't eat M&M's..."  I told him we don't eat the ones on the house, but we do eat M&M's.  So, later that day I got him some M&M's he could eat and that has sort of kept him at bay from the gingerbread house.  Today he came over and told me, "Mama, I touched the house."  Oh I love this kid, too sweet.

We also have slowly started putting up decorations, but I've had to downsize this year because I'm not ready for all my favorite pieces to be broken and there just aren't enough high spaces to keep them out of reach, so I will do without, which is ok...sometimes less is better.

Grandma Cheri brought back an Advent Calendar from her trip to Germany and the kids have been enjoying opening one new window each day.  It's been great because we talk about how Christmas is Jesus' birthday and that is on the 25th of December, each day we are getting closer to celebrating his birthday.  Then we get to talk about who Jesus is and it's just a really neat time. 

A few houses down the neighbor's have an inflated helicopter on their roof with a snowman and Santa in it.  And the propeller turns, Calvin is in love.  Every day he runs outside and if it's inflated and on he is so excited, if it's deflated he talks about how "the helicopter is not blown up."  It will be a sad day when the helicopter comes down after Christmas and is put away until next year.  In fact, I may have mentioned that and Calvin got the saddest look on his face.  :/

We are still sorting through Mia's bowel management.  It was working for awhile and is now not working again, praying for wisdom and answers for her because we are so close to it being a real positive.  Next week we see a Urologist to determine our next step with Mia's bladder.  Just pray for us, pray for positive answers or peace regarding what we learn.  We trust God and we trust whatever the outcome will be. 

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