Sunday, January 13, 2013


I love it when I see Mia making new progress, it is always very encouraging to me.  These days our progress comes a little bit slower, but I still see it happening.  Her speech has been coming along, she struggles with several sounds, in particular we've been working on the k, g, and l sounds.  And just recently, she has started to actually produce a few g sounds.  Her k sound is almost there and her l sound is pretty good too, but she just can't seem to get the g sound.  We continue to praise God as He progresses her in His own time. 

She and Calvin are having so much fun pretending to be the characters in the their favorite books and dvd's.  A recent favorite is Olivia, a cute children's book about a pig family.  We have a few of the dvd's also, which go along with the books we have...anyway, so now when they see an episode they want to have all the accessories and act it out.  There is an episode where Olivia is wearing a backpack and looking for ducks and so they will run around the house in their backpacks calling out, "ducks, where are you?"  It's fun, but a bit disappointing when we don't have all the props, however, we try to find something similar that we can imagine is the same thing.  Calvin has taken a real liking to this pretend play also. 

Tomorrow I am 37 weeks, which means this baby could arrive any time.  Mia and Calvin were both c-sections, and so I've been given an ending date of Feb. 2nd for this baby to come on his own.  I have mixed emotions regarding both options.  On the one hand, I would like to not have another c-section (I've never had good experiences with the ones I've had), but on the other hand, I want what is best for the baby.  I get a little anxious when I think about both, not the actual thought of delivering vaginally, just the thought of my uterus rupturing and something happening to the baby.  So, just pray for me, pray that I would find peace with God and that He would make the best decision for this baby. 

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