Thursday, January 31, 2013

When's that baby due?

What baby?  At least that's what Brad wants me to answer all the time.  :)

Feb 2nd, if he's not here on his own before then, then that's when he's coming out.  It appears like he might be on the larger side from my ultrasound today, but then again there is a margin of error with those, however he's big enough that holding out another week is probably not in my best interest.  So that's where we are.  Pray for a safe delivery for he and I.

It's been so nice here the last couple of days that we've been trying to get in our outside time as much as possible.  The kids are playing basketball, baseball,'s been nice!

We still haven't completely decided on a name, but the list has narrowed down.  One of our choices is Jett.  When I told Calvin the list and asked him if we should name the baby Jett, he responded, "no, airplane."  :)

Pray that the kids would easily adjust to a new brother, Calvin has quite a few ideas of how he's going to play ball and Legos with this baby, but he might be disappointed for awhile.

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