Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter with family. Mia and Calvin really enjoyed looking for Easter eggs and of course, the candy...that was so exciting for Calvin. They both are stocked up for awhile. We made "resurrection rolls" as one of our Easter activities. You take some refrigerator dough, put a marshmallow (dipped in butter, cinnamon and sugar) on it and roll it up. Then you bake it and the marshmallow "disappears" just like Jesus in the tomb. The kids thought that was great. We also made some bunny cinnamon rolls for breakfast one day and that was a hit also. It was just a nice, relaxing weekend. Last Thursday Brad took Mia to CHLA for a urology study to look at the capacity and function of her bladder. We found out that it is very small, so she urinates rather frequently. They'd like to try her on some overactive bladder medicine to see if we can increase the capacity of her bladder and the length of time she holds her urine. So we should be starting that pretty soon and we will see how she does with it.

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