Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Is Here

It's heating up in Bakersfield as summer is beginning.  Next week starts our new summer schedule of therapy and I'm really excited to have two days free.  This morning I asked Mia to put on her shirt all by herself and she was able to do it.  I'm so proud of her, she's come a long way and today I spent some time reflecting about how far God has brought her this year.  .  Last fall she was unable to get her shoes on herself and she can now quickly do it when necessary.  She couldn't dress herself in any way and now she's putting on clothes almost completely by herself.  Her speech has made so much progress this year, we are almost completely caught up to sounds she should know at this age.  In fact, I really wondered if she would ever be able to produce the "g" sound...I was honestly skeptical, but she's gotten there.  God has blessed her with another sound and I continue to be in awe of his healing.  It's not that I ever question His ability to heal, I just wondered if He would choose to do it. 

So, I'm excited about having a bit more free time this summer, but I know that therapy is making a huge difference in Mia's life and so we continue to plug along.  I have no clue how that will look in the fall with school for her, but I've given myself permission to not worry or think about it for the next two months.  I will think about it in August.  And as always, God will work it out and sort it out and carry me along because I know that I could not and would not be able to do what I do without Him.  Eternally grateful to serve an awesome God, a God of miracles, a God who loves us so deeply, I can't even fathom.  I see this tiny glimpse of Him every time I look at Mia's life and it humbles me.  It helps me to keep things in perspective, Praise God for His healing work in our daughter's life!

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