Saturday, November 02, 2013

Happy 9 Months Asher!

9 months today!  It has been quite a month for Asher.  This has been the month of removing objects that shouldn't be in the far I've retrieved a leaf, some styrofoam, 2 band aids, a suction cup, a rock and who knows what else, I'm losing track.  Of all my babies, he is the one that puts EVERYTHING in his mouth...and he does it right away, it's his first reaction to seeing something.  Grab, put in mouth.  I'm just grateful I've caught all these things that have gone in without anything worse happening. 

These days Asher embraced is as if he is a fact, I wonder if we named him wrong...Daddy did want one kid to be named Bear.  He also says Mama quite clearly and will follow me around the house saying, "mamamamamamamama".  It's endearing. 

We are still furniture surfing and I'm ok with that.  No steps have been attempted yet. 

As for sleep, we did some sleep training on the little guy and for 3 weeks he was doing awesome, sleeping from was like sleep heaven for me, but than abruptly he started waking up in the middle of the night we are back to 4 hour stretches.  However, in the process he has learned how to fall asleep on his own and so my days of rocking are numbered.  He now happily lays down in his crib and falls asleep unassisted...I had heard stories of babies doing that, but didn't think it was really possible.  It is!  Hopefully that will make sleep a bit easier when he gets a little older.  :)

Here's the handsome fellow. 

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