Saturday, February 01, 2014

One Very Hungry Caterpillar

Today we celebrated Asher's 1st Birthday.  We went with The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme because, well, Asher does really like to eat.  We thought that would be cute and appropriate.  Pinterest gave me quite a few ideas and it turned out so cute.

I've become quite "crunchy" and would prefer less artificial colors for my kids, so I used beet juice for my red coloring and spinach for the greens.  The kids gobbled it up and thought it was great. 

We made a caterpillar on our wall that featured one picture of Asher from each month up until 11 months.  The kids thought that was so much fun. 

Getting him to take a picture with the chalkboard was virtually impossible for our wiggly little caterpillar!

The cake though, was definitely a success...I think he liked it!

Did you notice his cute vest and bowtie?!  Grandma Cheri made it for him using material inspired from the book, the bowtie has caterpillars on cute!

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