Monday, August 11, 2014


Brad's Grandpa Bob came out to visit us in California for a few weeks.  He split his time between our neck of the woods and other family near LA.  So, on the weekends, we got together down in LA and did some fun, family activities. 

It was a great time for everyone.  Mia, Calvin & Asher loved all the fun stuff and especially all the family.  Brad's extended family down south has cousins that are close in age to Calvin and Asher and they had a blast playing together.  Calvin keeps asking when we can go back. 

And of course, time with Great Grandpa was especially sweet.  All the kids loved spending time with Great Grandpa, but Calvin was especially fond of him.

We visited the California Science Center, which is in LA across from USC (my old stomping grounds).  I immediately noticed how different everything was since I've been there.  So many new buildings and changes.  Isn't that how life works? 

The kids loved the science center.  There are so many hands on activities and it is free!  We also got to see the Endeavor (not free, you had to pay to see that.)  How amazing to be so close to the shuttle, it is huge. 

The following weekend we ventured down to the Long Beach Aquarium.  The kids enjoyed all the animals.  Asher especially liked the huge fish and the birds.  We then headed up to Brad's Uncle's house and enjoyed an evening meal and S'mores on a fire pit.  That was a huge hit with the kids, there first time having s'mores. 

The next day we did a few fun activities around where they live and headed to the beach.  This was the first trip that Calvin probably could remember.  He loved the ocean, wanted nothing more than to go deeper and deeper into the crashing waves.  I was super grateful that Brad didn't let go of his hand.  Mia wasn't opposed to the water, but she wasn't rushing to get into it...and Asher wanted nothing to do with it.  He was content to scoop in the sand and just play close to mama.  Such a fun time!

Sadly we had to say goodbyes, but there were so many great memories made and such a blessing to have Great Grandpa here for a little while. 

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