Friday, September 26, 2014


It has been awhile since we've had to visit LA.  Sometimes I think back to those first few years when we were driving to LA all the time, I don't know how I did it.  I guess you just do it because that is what you have to do.  We now only go to LA a couple of times a year for doctor visits.  It is so nice.  Nana stayed home with the boys and so it was an outing with just my girl.  We were visiting her urologist and having a few tests run.  This may sound so cliche, but there are really only two ways to look at a glass, half empty or half full.  I am going to always choose to look at this with Mia half full.  I need only skim back a few years on this blog and re read what God has done in her life to know how amazing He is and what He has done for her.  He has clearly taken her so far, I have no doubt that He will continue to provide for her in amazing ways.  There has been concern about her bladder size and function, to put it simply, she has an overactive bladder.  All of her parts are working like they should, they just work in overtime with her.  If you think about that, it is so minor in the whole scheme of things...I can think of half a dozen things off the top of my head that are major.  This is not one of them.  Her urologist didn't know if she would always have an overactive bladder or if that would change as she got older, he didn't rule out the possibility that it might change for the better.  He did say that we could try a new treatment to work with that, if we wanted, but at this point it isn't necessary.  The treatment would use botox to relax her bladder so it wasn't so active.  It's not crucial right now, so we are going to kind of wait and see.  But what I think was the best news of the day was that there was concern about higher pressure in her bladder...and she had NONE, yay!  And she's always had some low grade reflux, which he couldn't see at all this time, which is a huge praise!  Overall, it was a great visit.  Thank you Lord for watching over our baby with all the details of her life! 

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Courtney Gholson said...

Hi are soo right!! The Lord has seen her and you through and will continue to be faithful! I wanted to mention something that I take periodically for over active bladder but have NO IDEA what or if a little one can take it. The med is called Oxybutynin 5mg. Its a smooth muscle relaxer and since the bladder is smooth muscle it relaxes the overactiveness (is that a word) The doc gave it to me for the times my spinal cord injury spasms my bladder which can go either way---either the feeling of urgency or no feeling at all. So the times during the former I take this med once and it kind of "resets" things and calms the nervous impulses. But like I said I have no idea about this with Mia. Glad she is doing sooo much better. We thought of you as we went to my endocrinology appt. So glad your trips are so few now! Love and hugs...Courtney

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