Friday, September 05, 2014

Plugging Along

The kids and I are getting into a really nice routine with homeschooling.  It's going so well and I think everyone is loving it.  Mia tells me that her favorite subject is science.  We are doing a first grade pre-packaged curriculum with everything included.  That's nice because I don't have to hunt up activities or stuff to work on.  So far, we've covered stages of life, our habitat, and now we are moving into plants.  I'm a learner too, so I really enjoy re-learning all of this stuff.  Calvin loves to participate with quite a bit of it and he is very sharp.  Aside from the writing, he is doing pretty good with first grade tasks.  And of course there is lots of free time to play, I love just listening to them play together.  They are getting much better at interacting with each other, it's fun to watch.  Asher wants to do everything to, which can be sometimes frustrating for him, but we try to include him as much as possible.  His vocabulary is getting much better, he now says, "Halvin and Mia" for Calvin and Mia.  He will now string two words together, like Ba-oon Pop and then motion to the balloon that in our living room that is still inflated from Calvin's birthday!  I guess 2 weeks isn't that long, but it just seems like a lifetime ago to me.

We are looking forward to the weather cooling down a bit and figuring out some creative outings, since we can do that with our kiddos. 

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