Monday, December 08, 2014


We are trying to be very intentional with our time this Christmas season.  We want to take time and do some fun things with the kids.  It is so neat to watch them get caught up in the excitement of the season. 

Grandma Cheri took Calvin for a day at her house and he made cut out cookies.  He frosted a few there, but brought back a dozen or so for all of the kids to frost at our house.  They loved it.  Asher only frosted one because he realized how great it tasted and he couldn't get past eating the frosting. 

There is a place in town called Christmas Town and it has lots of different kid activities.  There is an upfront fee to get in, but once in everything except the food and gifts is free.  We went there on Saturday and the kids had a blast.  They got to sit on Santa and Mrs. Claus's lap.  When asked what they wanted for Christmas, Calvin wanted a frog that jumps and Mia wanted a fox.  I love that they haven't been consumed by the materialism of the holiday yet. 

There were several bouncy houses, most like your typical birthday bouncy house rental, but one huge one that was a snowman.  It was super windy at the entrance and Calvin just couldn't get the courage to go in by himself and the others weren't going in with him, so they settled on bouncing in the birthday style ones for awhile. 

There was a hayride to look at the lights and face painting, along with ice skating.  The kids loved the ice skating, although it wasn't truly ice skating as it was more wax than ice, but you could get going a bit with the skates. 

There were plenty of lights and overall the kids had a blast.  It was worth the time and effort to go out there.  At the end there was a huge slide that Daddy took them on.  They loved it. 

The kids would definitely go again.

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