Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Half Birthday Calvin!

Calvin turned 4 1/2 on Feb 21st.  It is a Sturm tradition to celebrate 1/2 birthdays...you get 1/2 a cake and 1/2 the birthday song sung to you.  You also get 1 present and your age in dollars ($4.50 for Calvin).  Brad has been encouraging me for awhile to do this for our kids, but I kept forgetting...until I put it on the calendar.  It is amazing what you can remember on the calendar.  So, we started the tradition this year with the kids.

They were excited, the idea of a 1/2 birthday is different for them.  Calvin made the comment, "so tomorrow I turn 5".  Not quite, not quite.  But anything for celebration is fun! 

Yeah, I can't tell if that cake was good or not.  What do you think?

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Christine Deeths said...

What a fun tradition

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