Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy 7 1/2 Mia!

Mia's half birthday was yesterday and of course, the kids were so excited to celebrate!  It's hard to believe she is 7 1/2!  It feels like yesterday she was just a newborn and then we were struggling to reach milestones and now she's a beautiful little girl with so much potential.  Thank you Lord for our miracle. 

Even more cause to celebrate, she has been seizure free for a week.  Her new medicine is working and even though she is a bit tired, we will happily take that instead of seizures.  Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

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Joyce said...

Oh I'm so thankful that prayers are being answered for no seizures. She is a special little miracle. 1/2 birthdays are fun and Brianna still celebrates hers.

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