Monday, September 28, 2015

An Update

Let's just say that September has gotten away from me.  Between my grandmother's funeral and the start of a new MOPS year (I'm one of the coordinators), I've been busy.  I love my MOPS group, this is my third year coordinating and while I am a veteran and tend not to let the stress overwhelm me, there is just always a long list of things to do in the beginning.  Now that the dust has settled, it should calm down. 

We are doing great.  Mia is still having seizures daily.  We had a brief stretch of 4 days without any seizures, but then it was back to the usual.  I'm waiting to hear back from her doctor on whether or not we should add a third medicine into the mix.  She has maxed out both of her current medicines, so those aren't really an option.  Of course, if she were to gain a significant amount of weight quickly, that would change things, but our 40 pounder (yes, she's only 40 pounds!) has a hard time gaining weight.  We are just thankful that she continues to grow at her own pace. 

We've gotten into a nice routine with school.  The kids love doing school together and I've noticed some improvements with Mia over the past few weeks.  She struggles with basic addition facts, but the more we practice, the better she is doing.  It is a daily struggle though.  We try to do math first just because that is when I am most patient and it's the least favorite task. 

Keep on praying for a resolution to the seizures.  She's been a trooper through all of this and our hope is that she'd be seizure free soon.

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