Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Happy Birthday, Asher!

Dear sweet Asher,

You are 3 today!  What an amazing ride these past 3 years have been with you!!  You are so passionate about so many things, we pray that God can help us to grow your passion for good!

You are a big boy.  You've grown 4 inches this past year.  You are like a little bean stock.  We keep telling Calvin to watch out, you might pass him up one of these days.

Last year we could barely understand a word you said, but your speech has improved so much this year that we can clearly tell what you want and when you want it.  You have two volume levels, quiet and extremely loud.  This year we really want to work on your inside voice.  :)

You love to learn and want to do everything that big brother and big sister do.  One of your favorite toys are Legos and you can't get enough of them.  You are also excellent at puzzles and you are slowly learning how to use a scissors!

Mama is your best friend, except when you are in trouble.  Calvin is your favorite person to play with.  You love music and you love digging in the dirt.  If you could listen to music and dig in the dirt, you would be the happiest boy in the world.

We love you sweet boy!  We can't wait to see how God grows you this year!

Mama and Daddy...Mia and Calvin

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